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                2019.7.24-7.26 | Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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                About TPF

                Shanghai International Digital Printing Industry Fair (TPF) is held successfully for 8 years. TPF is aiming to develop digital printing business by providing a communication platform among equipment manufacturers, technology suppliers and end-users. TPF focuses on innovative products and advanced technologies, provides you with a variety of communication and sales channels and helps you to win a solid position in digital printing industry.

                The 9th Shanghai International Digital Printing Industry Fair (TPF 2018) attracts professionals around the world. The exhibits cover digital printing machinery and accessory, pre and after treatment equipment, digital ink and consumables, designs, etc. Visitors will come from more than 50 countries, realizing over 16,000 visits. Most of the visitors are end-users who are in the professional areas of in home interior, garment & apparel, dyeing factory, fabric, leather and ceramics & glasses. TPF 2018 provides inspiring concurrent events such as seminars and technical presentations.

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