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                2019.7.24-7.26 | Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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                Booth Price

                Usual price Type of booth Price of booth
                Usual Price Shell Scheme Booth (Minimum 12 sqm) USD2,830/12sqm
                Shell Scheme Booth (Minimum 18 sqm) USD4,250/18sqm
                Space Only (Minimum 36 sqm) USD225/sqm


                Shell Scheme Booth(Minimum 12/18 sqm)



                Shell scheme wall panels


                Fascia with company name and booth number


                Listing in fair catalogue


                Listing in the official website


                Booth set-up


                Space Only(Minimum 36 sqm)



                Floor space


                Listing in fair catalogue


                Listing in the official website

                A.Technical Presentation

                Keep in close touch with more than 16,000 visits at the exhibition.
                Your best opportunity to promote your technology and innovative products.
                Cost:USD 780 per session(45min)


                • Fair Catalogue AD
                • Back:USD 2, 000
                • Full Page:USD 1, 000
                • Inside Front/Back Cover(color):USD 1, 500
                • Visitor Bag
                • It is a great opportunity to build brand image and promote product information by sponsor the visitor bag.
                • Advertisements on VB:USD 3,500
                • Outdoor Advertisement Board
                • Outdoor Billboard A(5m * 4m):USD 3,500
                • Outdoor Billboard B(5m * 8 m):USD 5,000
                • Lanyard & Badge
                • Badge:USD 4,200
                • Lanyard:USD 4,200
                • Tickets
                • Best choice to build brand image and attract potential buyers.
                • Tickets:USD 1, 000/10,000pcs
                • Form Filling Counter Sponsor
                • Ads on Form Filling Counter Sponsor: USD 5,000
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