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                2019.7.24-7.26 | Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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                Digital printing machinery and accessory:
                Digital inkjet printing machine, heat transfer printing machine, elliptical auto printing machine, flat/rotary screen printing machine, cool transfer printing equipment, Shuttle fabric digital printing machine, Flexible fabric (digital) printing machine, print-heads, etc.

                Pre and after treatment equipment:
                Laser cutting equipment, laser carving/decorating/embroidery equipment, laser clipping equipment, drying equipment, heat press machine, rapid steamer, printed treadmill, plate making equipment, mixing equipment, dyeing and finishing equipment, etc.

                Digital ink & consumables:
                Acid inks, Pigment inks, sublimation inks, reactive inks, pre & after treatment additives for inkjet printing, heat-set ink, water color ink, transfer ink, printing additives, dyes and intermediates, resin, color paste, paste adhesives, silicone, hot melt adhesives, gold foil paper, heat press paper and transfer paper, etc.

                Digital printing software(RIP, print management, repeating, color separation, matching), digital printing design, etc.

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