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                2019.7.24-7.26 | Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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                Industry News


                Smithers Pira forecasts 17.5% annual growth for digital textile print

                Double digit growth across 2016-2021, is making digital textile printing one of the most exciting market opportunity in the print and textile supply sectors according to the latest exclusive market data from Smithers Pira.

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                Bangladeshi textile makers keen to develop digital printing services

                As Bangladesh aims to double its apparel exports in the next five years, industry executives and experts agree on one thing: value addition is the key, and the development of digital printing services is a fundamental strand of this strategy.

                As a result, the launch of operations by Indian textile printing manufacturer and distributor DCC (Dhaval Colour Chem) in Dhaka last December was an important step towards creating such an integrated supply chain in Bangladesh.

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                Mimaki Targets Short-Run Textile Printing

                Mimaki launched the Tx300P-1800B (Belt) 1.8-metrewide textile printer which it says is specifically designed to address the need in the textile and apparel industries for cost-effective, short run printing of textiles for products or samples.

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                Strategic Partnership for Huntsman and Jihua

                The Textile Effects division ofHuntsman Corporation and Jihua Group, a dyes and chemicals manufacturer in Zhejiang Province, China, today signed an agreement for a new strategic partnership. Under the agreement, the two companies will co-operate in a wide range of areas to jointly capitalise on the growing need for dye and chemical solutions for China’s textile sector. The companies commented that the partnership will help them both to speed up their supply chains and react more quickly to customers’ demand and increased cost efficiency for customers.

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                Digital Printing Design, Future of Fabrics Design and Printing

                The designing service by Burcu Korkmazyurek includes exclusive fashion show of main brands and the products designed by herself. Her customers are mainly from garment and furniture industry, the most orders are from Britain. But the digital printing orders that she received are from all over the world including the U.S, Europe and the Far East region. She has decided to focus on digital technology because of ‘digital printing will booms in the future’.

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                Digital Printing: Smaller Batch , More Profit

                Finnish enterprise ------- Mikebon Oy specializes in operating textile printing gifts and souvenir now, and the printed t-shirt and hoodie are its core products. At present, to meet the needs of customers, Mikebon has invested in direct-type digital garment printer for the first time through buying Kornit Avalanche.

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                Kiian Digital Ink Series Certified by Nike

                Kiian Digital, Novedrate, Italy, recently announced that its Digistar HI-PRO ink series has been awarded Nike’s Restricted Substance List (RSL) certification, and will now be used in its supply chain.

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                WTiN Intelligence: Digital textile market to grow at 30 per cent in 2016

                "The key areas of growth in the first half of 2016 was: the higher value areas of the market performed well with high and industrial speed segments seeing output growth of above 35 per cent, as Indian dyers looked to continue investing in new equipment. Non-textile companies also saw the long-term potential of the industry and were willing to invest. Not only has growth in output been high, the increase in physical machinery sales in this higher value end of the market has also been impressive with 52 new models installed in the first half.

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                New Round of Dye Price Hike in China, Accelerating Transformation and Updating of Dyeing Factories

                China State Council released the Outline of Development of Yangzi River Economic Zone in the Q &A format.

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                Ultra-high-speed digital printing: printing and dyeing industry to Green & Intelligence

                Speaking of the textile industry, what would you think? High emissions of waste water? Or the monotony of graphic design? Recently, China's first Taiwan Single-Pass ultra high-speed digital printing machine into operation in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the official opening of China's textile industry, high-speed digital printing door.

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                Green Tax, Sewage charge to environment protection charge

                Finance Minister Lou Jiwei describes that the legislation is in accordance with the "pan tax" principle, the current pollution fee system will shift to environmental taxes.

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                First Aleph LaForte Paper printer installed in Italy

                The first LaForte Paper digital dye-sub transfer printer, developed and manufactured by Aleph, has been installed at historic Italian fashion printer company Tintoria e Stamperia di Lambrugo Spa.

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                Dongheng Group invests in high-volume digital textile printing with a PIKE® printer from SPGPrints

                PIKE sold to Dongheng Boxmeer, Netherlands, 1 August 2016 – SPGPrints announces the sale of a six-colour PIKE® digital textile printer to the Dongheng Group, in Changzhou, Jiangsu province (near Shanghai), China.

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                A digital textile printing model for Africa

                While the rest of the world is enjoying the promised upswing in digital textile printing, it would seem from the lack of any real information that Africa has been left somewhat sadly in the wake of the latest developments. However, South African business ArtLab is set to change that.

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